About Us


Waha Industries is a leading global instrument manufacturing company that manufacture and export  Dental Instruments used in a variety of complex medical procedures. For more than 30 years we have been providing excellent and outstanding services and are enjoying a good reputation for top quality throughout the world.

The company is dedicated to enlighten all of its promoters, partners, honorable clients, distributors and medical professionals about the facility it is capable to provide. Waha Industries supplies its instruments to all over the world as well as looks after the progress of its sole representatives in selected regions of the world, gradually growing its business around the globe.


Extracting Forceps
Root Elevators
Diagnostic, Periodontal & Restorative Instruments
Maxillofacial Surgery Instruments and More…
Hollow Ware Instruments
Single-Use Instruments


Quality: We manufacture the instruments and packing exactly according to the customer demand.
Function: Our products always perfect for the function they are made for.
Feature: We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections and processes to control
quality and workmanship to ensure that our instruments are made perfect to all aspects. We will also give the technical specifications to improve the confidence of the customers.
Reliability: We give our customers the guarantee that our products are reliable in use even after using it up till extended period of time with the instructions of its care before and after use. Our products will perform their function efficiently more than any other product of similar nature in the market. All the products are made in our own facility by the workers who are best in their workmanship and commitment.
WAHA INDUSTRIES has successfully achieved the approval of cGMP, CE Mark, ISO, FDA and European Medical Device Directive # 93/42 EEC for CE Marking which manifestly reflects in the workmanship and standard of our products.